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IV Nursing: Combining Compassion and Healthcare

January 2022 | Paragon Healthcare
At the very heart of what we do at Paragon are our incredible team of infusion nurses. We are honored to celebrate them this year for National IV Nurses Day.
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At the very heart of what we do at Paragon are our incredible team of infusion nurses. Our nurses are a vital component of both our Home Infusion program and our many dedicated Infusion Centers. What makes our nurses exceptional is in the very nature of infusion healthcare: our patients are often struggling with rare, chronic, or debilitating diseases. Helping our patients manage their infusions and their conditions takes a special kind of nurse, ready to meet each patient’s needs exactly where they’re at.

Infusion Center Nurses

Each of our infusion centers, found in several key markets in Texas, Tennessee, Georgia, and more, boasts a team of expert nurses and nurse practitioners. All of our IV nurses are highly trained in this specialized field. The field is unique on two fronts: patient needs, and the nature of the therapies IV nurses work with every day.

Patients undergoing infusion treatments come from all walks of life, but in any case, their doctor has referred them to an infusion center because simpler forms of medication aren’t suited to their condition. For some patients, infusions can treat short-term illnesses and infections. For many more, however, the necessity of infused therapies is a new lifelong reality, or one they’ve already dealt with their entire life. That can, at times, be a difficult reality for a new infusion patient to accept, especially when treatment is expected to continue at regular intervals, taking up large chunks of time for each infusion and with no end to their treatment in sight.

This is why our IV nurses go out of their way to make each patient’s infusion experience as comfortable as possible. IV nurses are not only trained in the administration of infusion therapies, but also in educating patients on how these therapies work, why infusions are better suited for their case, and what sorts of side effects they may deal with as a result. This patient-centered focus can go a long way to soothe any anxieties a patient may have about their treatment or condition.

Home Infusion Nurses

Some of our IV nurses specialize further to better serve patients who receive their infusions at home. Home infusion is a great option for many patients who want even more freedom and comfort while their medication is infused, either with a traditional IV pole or a small, portable IV pump.

The end goal of home infusion services is often that patients (or their caregivers) are able to perform many of the regular tasks on their own, like replacing medication bags, troubleshooting IV equipment, etc. The home health professionals who serve our home infusion patients go to even greater lengths to make sure each patient and caregiver is comfortable with the infusion system, able to perform many of the basic tasks confidently, and knowledgeable on who to call if anything goes wrong. Our home IV nurses check in frequently, ready to assist however they can.

Home infusion nurses also play a vital role in caring for patients whose infusion treatment is palliative or hospice-based. In other words, these patients have been diagnosed with a terminal condition, and their infusions at home are meant to ease their pain and suffering at a very vulnerable time. Home hospice and palliative care patients are in understandably difficult and sensitive situations, so these IV nurses take their role as a comforter and caregiver very seriously.

Compassion Meets Healthcare

Whether a patient infuses in a center, a doctor’s office or at home, the IV nurses who care for them along the way exist at a crucial meeting point of each patients’ needs. Part caregiver, part educator, part comforting presence, Paragon’s IV nurses are deeply committed to putting our patients’ needs first. Each patient is treated with individualized care because, to us, each patient is an extended family member. Each patient deserves healthcare services that are tailored to their needs and that treat them as whole people, who find themselves in a potentially stressful and unfamiliar situation.

To learn more about the infusion services Paragon Healthcare provides or how you can receive infusion treatments under the caring expertise of our IV nurses, please visit

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IV Nursing: Combining Compassion and Healthcare

At the very heart of what we do at Paragon are our incredible team of infusion nurses. We are honored to celebrate them this year for National IV Nurses Day.

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