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InSite Therapy Centers partners with physicians who need an infusion suite at their medical practice

Insite Therapy Centers

We are a turn-key solution for office management and infusion suite oversight. Patients can now stay in your care from start to finish ensuring government compliance with the newest regulations.

What does InSite Therapy Centers offer?

Insurance Management

Management of healthcare insurance, OSHA, EEOC, Payroll tax withholding reporting, and employee benefit plans.

Payment Arrangements

Accurate collections of co-insurance, setting up payment arrangements, and reporting including revenue oversight.

Look & See Opportunity

We will not lock you into a long-term contract. At anytime if our services are no longer a good fit, we can discuss parting ways.

Minimal Investment

We want you to be profitable and offer a solution that's a win-win.

Recruiting & Hiring

Including training and scheduling services for all staff.

Billing & Collections

We have a 90%+ collections rate and our billing and collections services are available at no additional cost.

Licensing & Leasing

Coordination & assistance with obtaining insurance contracts, licensing, leases, and other contracts.

Equipment Installation

We manage the installation and upkeep of all necessary equipment and supplies.

Operational Oversight

Management of patient files, charts, labs, etc., including clinical oversight and financial assistance.

InSite partners with physicians who need an on-site infusion suite

How do my patients benefit?

Patients will now be able to stay in your care from start to finish ensuring government compliance with new and changing regulations. Medication will be at our preferred contract pricing, lowering the overall cost for the physician. We will also handle billing medical benefits and insurance denials for them to make navigating the healthcare process easier.


How does my practice benefit?

Your practice benefits from partnering with Insite Therapy Centers because we will help increase your revenue with minimal-to-zero financial investment on your end. There are no long-term contracts with us, so if at any point you feel that the partnership is no longer a good fit, we can discuss next steps. All medications and supplies are purchased at our pricing, maximizing your return. We provide HR oversight and navigation for your in-office infusion center, freeing you up to see more patients.

Have questions about partnering with InSite? Contact us today.
Partnering with InSite is easy. Contact us today to get started.

What's the process?

Our process is easy - contact us to set up a meeting time so that we can discuss your needs. We will enter a formal agreement and get started right away with setting up your customized in-office infusion suite. If you do not have an existing practice, we also offer services in full office management and oversight allowing you to focus on your patients while we handle the rest.


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How Insite Therapy Centers Aligns With Value-Based Healthcare

With Insite Therapy Centers, physicians have the opportunity to continue care and oversight for patients needing infusions. In the past, a physician would refer a patient to receive their treatment elsewhere, while still being responsible for their care. Now, physicians can keep patients in their care from start to finish ensuring a streamlined plan of care for the individual and full patient accountability for the physician.

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InSite Therapy Centers is the solution for all of your in-office infusion suite and oversight management needs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help ensure your office is compliant with the latest regulations while also increasing your revenue. 

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