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Home Infusion Therapy

Administer your medication while you're at home, at work, or on-the-go. We make it simple to receive the injectable and infusible medication you need in the comfort of your own home getting you back to life and work sooner.

Same Day Start of Care

We make the transition from hospital to home as smooth as possible. We accept most insurances and can coordinate same day home health services.

Easy-to-Learn Infusion Pumps

We use infusion pumps that are small, lightweight, and portable providing patients with flexibility and mobility in the home setting.

Adjustable Dosing Times

We are able to customize the dosing times for medication in order to accommodate the patient's schedule ensuring rest, healing, and achievable draw times.

Pharmacist On-call 24/7

We know that urgent situations may arise at any time which is why after hours calls are answered by live clinical staff and our we have pharmacy staff on-call 24/7.

We Provide Patient Education

Our team provides detailed patient education via telehealth methods or at the bedside when it is safe and acceptable to do so.

Overnight Shipping

We can ship ready-to-use medication and medical supplies overnight directly to the patient's doorstep at no extra charge to them.

Paragon specializes in home infusion therapy including IVIG

Home Infusion Therapy

Our Home Infusion Therapy division brings to life the idea of “IV anywhere”. Whether you are at home, at work, or on-the-go, you can still receive the medication you need. Infusion therapy no longer requires hospitalization – oftentimes, it’s possible anywhere. Our team arranges home health services and we ship necessary supplies and medication directly to your doorstep, so you never even have to leave your house.


Cardiac Program

This program allows patients with congestive heart failure (CHF) and other cardiac complications to receive the medical care and support they need in the comfort of their own home in order to improve quality of life. Many patients in this program are in need of a heart transplant, LVAD implantation, palliative care, or hospice care. Our nurses provide customized one-on-one education for home inotrope infusion and dietary assistance.

Paragon specializes in serving patients with cardiac diseases and complications
Paragon specializes in treating cystic fibrosis

Cystic Fibrosis Program

This program is tailored to patients with chronic progressive pulmonary symptoms like difficulty breathing, infections, inflammation, and respiratory failure to receive the medical support they need in the home setting. Patients in this program may be in need of a lung transplant, respiratory therapy, palliative care, or hospice care. Our nurses are experienced in cystic fibrosis management and trained to maximize therapy outcomes.


Anti-infective Therapy

There are many different diagnoses that require anti-infective infusions including cellulitis, orthopedic and joint infections, sepsis, complicated UTIs, pneumonia, viral or fungal infections, gastro-intestinal infections, abscesses, endocarditis, and more. We are committed to preventing hospitalizations through physician consultation with our pharmacists. Our team can help with the selection of an individualized anti-infective that will best meet the patient’s needs. We also manage each new referral and are available to assist in gathering necessary documentation for processing patient's care and can oftentimes start home health services the same day.

Paragon specializes in antibiotic infusion therapies
Paragon specializes in nutrition support therapy in the home setting

Nutrition Support Program

This program’s focus is the provision of exemplary, customized care for patients at home receiving enteral (EN) or parenteral nutrition (PN) support therapy. Every patient is followed by a specialized nutrition support team including a pharmacist, dietitian, nurse, and IV technician the entire time he or she is on service.  A tailored care plan is designed for each patient including comprehensive assessment and follow-up by a Board-Certified Nutrition Support Dietitian. Our team collaborates with the patient’s physician, hospital and/or outpatient clinic to bridge a smooth transition to home. Our goal is to keep our patients safe with meticulous attention paid to the patient’s quality of life while on these life-saving therapies.


Immunoglobulin Therapy

Immune globulin (Ig) is a tested and safe solution made from human plasma containing antibodies and can be given intravenously (IVIG) meaning through a vein or subcutaneously (SCIG or SubQ) meaning under the skin. This therapy is used to protect patients that are unable to fight infections due to a low production of antibodies, or someone whose immune system is attacking their body’s healthy cells. Ig is prepared from blood donated by thousands of people, creating a super-concentrated collection of antibodies capable of warding off viruses and/or bacteria. We offer multiple care options for IVIG and SCIG infusions. Care options for our patients include home infusion, medical suite infusion, and infusion centers (IVCs).

Paragon specializes in IVIG
Paragon specializes in hospice therapies to provide relief to patients receiving end of life care

Hospice Care

Our commitment to our patients with pain and other related symptoms is to maximize their comfort and improve their quality of life. We focus on controlling our patient’s pain symptoms while maintaining their awareness and cognitive function. Our pharmacists are trained to provide equal analgesic dosing to provide a smooth transition from oral or transdermal pain medications to IV or SubQ pain management. Hospice patients take immediate priority in the pharmacy. Their medications are prepared immediately and delivered to the bedside as soon as possible to provide pain relief.


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