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InSite Therapy Centers: Solutions for Physicians

InSite Therapy Centers
InSite Therapy Centers is a turn-key office management and in-office infusion suite solution for physicians. Read our latest article to learn more.
InSite Therapy Centers is a turn-key office management and in-office infusion suite solution for physicians. Read our latest article to learn more.

InSite Therapy Centers serve as a turn-key solution for physicians and their medical practice. We partner with physicians to make it possible for them to have an in-office infusion suite without the challenges of figuring out how to manage and run it by themselves. An in-office infusion suite allows physicians to keep patients in their care from start to finish instead of referring them to someone else to complete their infusion treatment. This ensures government compliance with changing regulations.


Our management team delivers extensive clinical and financial expertise. We have over 15 years of infusion care experience, nursing experience, and infusion billing experience. Physicians who partner with InSite will have access to our full staff, including pharmacists, nurses, and technicians, ready to address all clinical needs.


Partnering with InSite benefits the physician and their practice as well as their patients too. The physician benefits because they are compliant and able to increase their revenue through our preferred contract pricing on all injectable and infusible medications. Patients benefit because they can stay in the care of their physician for the duration of their treatment, meaning fewer hoops to jump through.


Why should you consider ancillary infusion center (AIC) management services? By adding the benefit of medication administration in your office, you will be offering an extension of billable services to your current and prospective patients. By acting as the Medical Director for the AIC, you will provide all current clinical services plus diagnosing, charting, and prescribing. InSite assumes all other tasks related to the management and operation of AIC. Many factors can affect the potential revenue derived from adding an AIC to your practice. These factors include:


  • Number of patients receiving infusion therapies
  • Types of drugs prescribed
  • Dosages prescribed and frequency of therapies
  • Typical duration of therapies
  • Patients of payor mix 
  • Availability of office space for AIC operations


Our goal is to serve physicians in a way that allows them to help their patients better. We partner with physicians who have an existing practice and are looking to add on an AIC or physicians who do not have a current practice and need full office management services. Each partnership is a “Look and See” opportunity that will not lock you in a long-term contract. The partnership is designed to be profitable for the physician and requires minimal investment to get started. At any time, if our services are no longer a good fit, we can discuss parting ways.



How Can InSite Serve You?


Organizational – We handle all regulatory responsibilities, including the following:

  • File LLC documents
  • Legal Review
  • Insurance – Professional Liability, D&O, Property, and Umbrella
  • Licensing
  • Regulatory – EEOC, OSHA, SSA, etc.
  • Accounting

Administrative – We handle all managerial responsibilities, including the following:

  • Legal
  • Insurance – Professional Liability, D&O, Property, and Umbrella
  • Licensing
  • Regulatory – EEOC, OSHA, SSA, etc.
  • Computer Systems
  • Accounting
  • Reporting
  • Taxes
  • Telecommunications – voice/fax/data
  • Training

Human Resources - We handle all human resources responsibilities, including the following:

  • Recruiting
  • Employment Agreements & Non-compete
  • HR & Payroll Files
  • Benefits – Health Insurance, 401k, etc.
  • Assist physician with scheduling staff
  • Reporting
  • Payroll processing
  • Taxes
  • Compliance

Billing & Collections – We handle and assist with billing and collections responsibilities, including the following:

  • Provider numbers
  • Medicare Application with physician’s assistance
  • Payor Contracts with physician’s assistance
  • Payor Negotiations
  • Coding and Billing with physician’s assistance
  • Collections

Inventory – We utilize Paragon Healthcare to manage the following responsibilities:

  • Negotiate Purchase Contracts
  • Purchasing
  • Inventory Management
  • Delivery Service

Ancillary Infusion Center Operations – We assist with and handle the following responsibilities:

  • Assist with obtaining leases
  • Assist with bringing in necessary furniture and fixtures
  • Assist with the installation of medical equipment
  • Assist with telecommunications installation and setup
  • We handle licensing
  • Assist with bank account and lockbox
  • We handle the setup of necessary computer systems
  • We manage training tools and teaching
  • Assist with utilities such as electric, water, phone, waste, biohazard, etc.
  • Assist with delivery service


Our services allow the physician to focus on their patients and give more attention to clinical documentation, research, and patient follow up.



How Do I Partner with InSite?


Partnering with us is easy. Contact us to let us know you’re interested in a potential partnership, and our team will walk you through all the necessary steps to enter into a formal agreement. Under HIPAA guidelines, we first need a “confidentiality agreement,” and then we can complete a quick and accurate “due diligence review” and produce a detailed financial proforma for your practice. Our team will be ready to immediately start getting everything set up for your customized in-office infusion suite or for fully launching your medical practice.


Partner with InSite Therapy Centers today!


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