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The business world is rapidly changing, with people all over the world transitioning to working remotely. Learn more about Video Conferencing Best Practices.
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The business world is rapidly changing, with people all over the world transitioning to working remotely. This means finding new ways to stay connected and productive. Thanks to today’s technology, we have access to a wide variety of video conferencing tools that allow us to hold meetings, engage face-to-face while social distancing, and continue to work together to accomplish our corporate goals.


We’ve outlined some Video Conferencing Best Practices to help maintain the professional nature of a business meeting and get the most out of each virtual gathering. We have also assembled a printable/downloadable PDF with this information too.



Best Practices If You're the Host:


As the host of a professional virtual meeting, be sure to familiarize yourself with the conference tool you’ll be using ahead of time. This will reduce potential hiccups that could derail a meeting. When you invite attendees to the video conference, provide clear instructions for accessing the meeting, such as a needed password or link and the start time/date.


Successful video conferences will adhere to an agenda to best utilize everyone’s time and stay on track. Sending this out beforehand will allow attendees to familiarize themselves with the purpose of the meeting. Be early to your own meeting. Log in first to the video conference and be prepared to patiently help others navigate joining the call should they have any issues. We are all learning new ways of accomplishing our company goals. For many people, video conferences and virtual meetings may entail a learning curve but hang in there; we’re all in this together.



Best Practices if You're the Attendee:


It’s time to enter the virtual world of video conferencing. Below are best practices that should be adhered to in the corporate world. Yes, many of us are working remotely now, but presenting ourselves as professional and courteous should still be expected. This will speak volumes about your work ethic and commitment to the company. 


Be Prepared. Before joining the conference call, make sure that you are looking professional and appropriately dressed. Showing up in your PJs or looking like you just rolled out of bed may not be the best way to present yourself. Familiarize yourself with the agenda so that you know what the meeting is going to be about, and then join the video conference. Be on time and be ready to take notes.


Test Your Hardware. Ensure you have a reliable internet connection so that you do not get disconnected during the meeting or have lagging audio and video. This can be disruptive during the meeting and hinder the flow of communication. Most video services have a feature to allow you to test your microphone, audio, and camera beforehand to ensure that everything is working correctly. There’s nothing more frustrating than joining a conference and realizing one of these elements does not work. Also, be sure to adjust your camera so that it’s centered on you and not pointed at the top of your head or the floor. Sitting at a desk or table will provide stability to the computer and camera as well.


Pick the Right Environment. Your surrounding environment also contributes to your professional appearance. Select a place that’s quiet and well-lit. A light pointed towards you will work better for video conferencing instead of having the light behind you (i.e., sitting in front of a window will make you look like a dark, ominous shadow figure.). Try to find a place that has a neutral background that will not be distracting to your fellow video conference call members. If there is a TV, other people, or pets around, consider finding a different location that is distraction-free.  


Be Respectful. Yes, we’re talking about virtual meetings right now – but they are very much like in-person meetings. Eating during a meeting, performing noisy tasks, or picking your nose are things that we would refrain from doing at the office. They would be viewed as rude or disrespectful. Remember that everyone can still see and hear you, so it’s best to wait to have a snack, respond to emails, or perform private habits until after the call, if possible.


Additional Tips. To make the video conference go smoother and feel natural, use the same types of mannerisms you would use in person. Be yourself. Look at the webcam so that you’re engaged and “making eye contact” rather than staring at the computer screen. Muting your microphone when you aren’t the speaker can also reduce unwanted and distracting background noise. Remember, this is your job. These are your employees, teammates, and bosses that you’re meeting with…so, put your best foot forward!





About Paragon Healthcare


Paragon Healthcare, Inc. is a specialty pharmacy and infusion care company dedicated to serving patients throughout the USA. We have Infusion Center and Specialty Pharmacy locations nationwide that are open and fully operational. Our team also specializes in Home Infusion Therapy and is available to coordinate home health services for new referrals.


If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with a rare chronic disease, you may already be familiar with Infusion Centers. Infusion Centers (IVCs for short) offer specialty medications administered through an IV to patients in need in a controlled environment outside of the hospital setting. Our current COVID-19 world poses some new healthcare challenges – but we are closely monitoring CDC guidelines daily and have implemented preventative measures to keep our employees and patients safe. We also can deliver infusion medication and supplies directly to a patient’s doorstep through our Home Infusion Therapy division so that treatment can safely be continued without the patient risking unnecessary exposure to the virus by leaving their home.


If you or a loved one are seeking a healthcare company that puts people first, focusing on comfort and specializing in infusion care, tell your provider that you want to join the Paragon family. We’ll handle the rest of the referral process and reach out to you directly to follow up.


For more information about Paragon Healthcare, visit our website at


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