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We are honored to announce that we have moved into a brand new home-office location. Read our latest article to learn more about Paragon's continued growth.
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We are so excited to announce that we have moved our home office to a brand-new, state-of-the-art building in Plano, Texas. “We are excited to give our employees a beautiful, updated workspace complete with an employee lounge area, fitness facility, café, and plenty of training and conference rooms,” Rick Allen, our president, and CEO announced right before the big move. “We know that if our people are taken care of, they will take care of our patients, and that’s been our mindset since the beginning.”


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Our new corporate headquarters is now located in the Apex Building at 3033 W. President George Bush Turnpike. This space will be home to our executive leadership team, pharmacies, reimbursement and billing teams, marketing department, and multiple other critical facets of our company. “This new facility will enable us to substantially expand the company’s offerings, as we move into our next stage of growth and expand our national footprint.” Joe Brayton, our executive vice president, said in a recent statement. With 67,000 square feet of office space, we can continue our growth as a company, with plans to add 500 new team members at the home office alone and 1,200+ new employees across the nation over the next five years.


This growth level is exciting, and we are humbled by the number of excellent team members who have made our company what it is today. We wouldn’t be where we are now without their hearts to serve our patients and provide exceptional healthcare services every day. Currently, we serve 30,000+ patients across 35 locations throughout North America. By 2025 we intend to add 60+ sites in 13 new states and anticipate servicing as many as 100,000 patients.


As a specialty pharmacy and infusion services provider, we treat 300+ diseases and disorders through injectable and infusible therapies. Conditions we treat most often fall under rheumatology, gastroenterology, hematology, dermatology, immunology, cardiology, neurology, and more. Our heart is to give patients access to life-saving therapies, simplify the healthcare process, improve their quality of life, and empower them to take charge of their journey toward health. Many of our patients face significant challenges due to their health condition. Our team is here to provide support, clinical resources, one-on-one education, and more in order to help patients overcome the obstacles they face.



Paragon Healthcare consists of four main divisions:

Home Infusion Therapy, Infusion Centers, Hemophilia, and Specialty. Learn more about each one of our divisions below.


Our Home Infusion Therapy (HIT) division allows patients to receive the injectable or infusible medication they need in the comfort of their home, getting them back to work and life sooner. This division has programs for patients with nutrition support needs, cystic fibrosis, cardiac complications, and end-of-life care. For more information about Paragon Home Infusion, visit


Our Infusion Centers (IVCs) allows patients to receive the injectable or infusible medication they need under the care of a team of nurses in one of our clinics. They are open year round, provide flexible scheduling, and strive to provide as much comfort as possible to the infusion therapy process. For more information about Paragon Infusion Centers, visit


Our Hemophilia division specializes in the treatment and management of bleeding disorders such as hemophilia and von Willebrand Disease. They provide customized care plans tailored to the patient’s lifestyle and connect them with local support groups and organizations. For more information about Paragon Hemophilia, visit


Our Specialty division provides injectable and infusible drugs through our specialty pharmacies that are needed to treat rare diseases and health conditions. They can ship medication and supplies nearly anywhere in North America. The specialty division is comprised of outstanding clinical staff. It has a pharmacist on-call 24/7 for whatever our patients may need. For more information about Paragon Specialty, visit


What is hemophilia?

Hemophilia is a disorder that affects your blood’s ability to clot. Read the full article to learn the challenges and solutions available to bleeding disorder patients and their families.

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IV Nursing: Combining Compassion and Healthcare

At the very heart of what we do at Paragon are our incredible team of infusion nurses. We are honored to celebrate them this year for National IV Nurses Day.

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Diversity in Healthcare

Read our new blog to learn more about the importance of diversity in healthcare.

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