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July 28, 2020 | Paragon Healthcare
Our comprehensive approach is designed to support the patient’s needs every step of the way. Read the full article to learn more about how we provide our patients with customized care plans.
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Individuals are unique. Each person is comprised of a personality, family history, set of life experiences, educational background, circle of friends, and set of beliefs that are unlike anyone else. People often share certain traits and aspects of their life with others, but when all the varying elements that make up a person are added together, we get a world full of unique humans. Even identical twins who share the same DNA and environmental upbringing are still different from one another.


Currently, people long for companies and brands that understand their individuality and offer services that meet their distinctive needs. This is especially true in the healthcare industry. People require more than just “cookie-cutter” solutions but rather customized care plans that consider their nuanced therapy needs. Patients with chronic health conditions do not want to be treated like a number or statistic. Instead, they crave inclusion, authenticity, transparency, and healthcare professionals who will take the time to understand them right where they are at on their wellness journey.


If a health condition cannot be treated using traditional medicine, a doctor may recommend a specialty therapy that is infused into the patient’s veins. This type of treatment is typically high cost, high touch, and intended for patients with complex disease states. Many of these therapies must be administered at a clinic, such as Paragon Infusion Centers, under the care of medical professionals who can observe and monitor how the patient reacts to the specialty drug for the duration of their treatment.


Unlike hospitals, Paragon Infusion Centers provide a personal and cost-effective alternative for patients. Some infusions can last for multiple hours, making the added comfort of a local center feel more manageable than spending the day at the hospital. Paragon Infusion Centers feature relaxing recliners for the patient to sit in during their treatment. Each location is run by a team of registered nurses and nurse practitioners who are completely patient-focused. They manage the infusion process from start to finish.


In the past, customized care plans weren’t so common in the medical industry, but our team at Paragon has been working to change that. Comprised of nurses, pharmacists, dietitians, clinical liaisons, patient care representatives, and more, our team works with the patient’s physician to understand their situation completely. In addition, our staff members strive to build relationships with each individual, their family, and caregivers, listening to their needs and offering creative solutions that will benefit the patient and improve their quality of life. At the heart of our company is a desire to serve people with clinical excellence and treat them as we would our own family members.


Our comprehensive approach is designed to support the patient’s needs every step of the way. Before and during the patient’s therapy, we offer educational information about their treatment, how to administer the drug if doing therapy at home, building blocks for managing their health condition, community support resources, and ways to take charge of their health going forward. Through Paragon, patients have access to multiple site of care options, including our physician-directed infusion centers, our mini infusion suites at select pharmacy locations, or infusion therapy at their home. All of which are designed to meet the patient's specific needs related to their health condition and prescribed treatment regimen.


We provide flexible scheduling options for infusion center patients, including weekend and holiday appointment times, as needed. Each patient’s infusion is monitored from start to finish by our Registered Nurses and Nurse Practitioners that run our centers. We make every effort to increase comfort for the patient by offering complimentary wifi, a peaceful environment, coffee and snacks, relaxing recliners, televisions, reading materials, and more. Our welcoming infusion centers go above and beyond to make each patient feel at ease for the duration of their treatment.


For home infusion patients, the Paragon team helps coordinate the start of home health services based on the patient’s schedule, provides education at the bedside or via telehealth services to ensure a smooth transition from hospital to home, and delivers the necessary medication and supplies to their doorstep.


To learn more about our services and the therapies we offer, visit our website at


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