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IVIg Anywhere

October 2021 | Paragon Healthcare
One of the most important, most versatile and most common treatments we offer at every possible site of care is IVIg, or intravenous immunoglobulin. Read our latest article to learn more.
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Most usually associate intravenous lines, commonly known as IV or infusion treatment, with a stay in the hospital. However, since the advent of infusion centers and home infusion in the 1980s, it has become increasingly common for patients who require infusion therapy (delivered directly into the bloodstream or just under the skin) to receive treatment outside a hospital.

This is the heart of our mission here at Paragon Healthcare: providing crucial infusion treatments but doing so in whatever setting or with whatever method works best for you. There are many infusion therapy providers and pharmacies out there. Our patients and our referring physicians trust us with their care because we do it all.

Some patients may feel more comfortable receiving infusion treatments in one of our centers at first. For some therapies, this may even be a required step. Our Infusion Centers, available across the country, are staffed by teams of exceptional nurses and nurse practitioners. All are experts in the field of infusion nursing and provide a knowledgeable and caring presence while you receive your treatment. Side effects of infusions are usually rare and minor, but should you experience any, they'll know what to do.

While we're more than proud of the level of care our infusion centers deliver, not all patients should have to stay there forever. For example, suppose a patient reacts well to their infusion treatments at one of our centers. In that case, and if their physician agrees, it may be time for them to transition to a home infusion setting. Home infusion offers even greater comfort and freedom than the use of an infusion center.

With any other provider, that change would likely mean switching to a new company that focuses solely on home infusion, but not so with Paragon. Our bases are all covered. Our Home Infusion program could then take over with the help of our Specialty Pharmacy, which prepares and delivers your therapy. A team of home health nurses can then administer your infusion for you, with a traditional IV tower, as you might see in a hospital or infusion center.

In some cases, however, an even greater degree of freedom may be possible. Our Home Infusion team is also trained in using (and educating on) elastomeric and electric pump devices. These are small pumps, typically small enough to fit in a fanny pack or similarly sized bag. The pumps are powered either by pressure from an inflated balloon or by a battery pack. These are particularly useful for therapies that need to be infused very slowly and over a long period. Pumps can offer even more freedom because the patient isn't tethered to an IV center or even an IV pole at home. Other than keeping your pump device on you at all times, you are free to go about your daily life.

Playing an active role in administering your infusion therapy at home can sound scary and challenging. Our home health nurses make sure it won't be. During your initial set-up for home infusion, a nurse will guide you every step of the way. Once you're more comfortable managing your infusion system, a nurse or team will visit you twice weekly to change your IV bag, tubing and pump. Nurses will also continue instructing you on how you can become more independent during the home infusion process.

IVIg Anywhere

One of the most important, most versatile and most common treatments we offer at every possible site of care is IVIg, or intravenous immunoglobulin. Immunoglobulin is a protein in the blood that plays a critical role in the immune system. Because the body delivers immunoglobulin throughout the bloodstream, it can act as the frontline against many different illnesses and infections.

Our IVIg patients have many different reasons for needing IVIg therapy. Whatever condition they're experiencing, Paragon's commitment to IVIg anywhere means that patients can receive their immunoglobulin treatments in whatever setting works best for them. 

Wherever you require infusion treatments, you can be assured that Paragon's patient-centered approach is always at work. We understand that every patient is different, which is why we provide infusion treatments like IVIg in so many settings. We also understand that for many patients receiving infusions, quality of life and a sense of normalcy are sometimes overlooked, despite their importance. The situation is only complicated further when you might need to change infusion settings or even providers. Changing sites of care can be stressful, but Paragon's goal is to make that transition liberating. And no matter what your site of care is, it will revolve around Paragon's unmatched standard of excellence.

To learn more about our Home Infusion programs and Infusion Centers available in many states and metro areas, visit our homepage at and use the navigations in the menu bar to find our locations and programs.

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