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Hey, so I am here with Seth Price today. Seth why don’t you go ahead and give us a little intro.

Well hello, Seth Price, Paragon Healthcare, district sales manager. How are you Joe?

Doing great man. I hear we got some really exciting stuff happening with Save On Life, do you want to fill me in on that?

Oh my gosh absolutely, you know in our world we deal with you know obviously the profit side but you know when it comes to the nonprofit you know people always want to team up with them but how do you really give back? How do you really work with a nonprofit in the right way and not get anything in return and only be able to give? Well that’s what we are doing for 2020, we are actually teaming up with Save One Life, who is actually run by executive director Chris Bombardier who literally just submitted the seven highest peaks in the entire world and then of course Laurie Kelly who is just a phenomenal women in our entire hemophilia world and bleeding disorders period. She started Save One Life and it was basically just to make sure that bleeding disorder families all across the globe had every single resource possible to them, whether it was financial or economic, however it may have been she wanted to make sure that they had this. And so, that is kind of what we are doing. We are teaming up to sponsor three individuals across the entire world in three different countries so that way they can actually have the resources that they can live on for the entire year.

What are we actually able to give back? Are we helping with medication or are we helping with just like life expenses? What are we taking care of?

Life expenses. We are able to sponsor an entire individual’s entire financial year. And it doesn’t cost much it is literally $35 a month, which comes out to a little over $400 a year. And you got to think about that. Here in the United States that probably wouldn’t even get you through two weeks of your entire month. And for some of these folks in other countries, for an entire year, this can actually provide support for their entire year. I mean, you got to put that into perspective, and you got to think for a hemophiliac just here in the United States we can live a long healthy life but the average life span for a hemophiliac in the third world country is actually 14 years old. Isn’t that insane, I am 36 and I have outlived the life expectancy of some of these guys three times my age.

So do we know which countries these people are coming from that we are helping to support?

We are actually making that decision this week. India is on the list, Africa is on the list. We are actually making that decision this week so I am really pumped but yeah it is going to be happening.

Thank you so much for leading that up. Can you tell us where we can find more information about Save One Life?

Absolutely. You can go directly online is the quickest way on not only to actually find more out about the organization but even you can actually go online and sponsor somebody yourself so you can actually see a photo of who you are sponsoring, you can get updates, and what not. So, yeah, as where you can go.

And of course, if you want to know more about Paragon Healthcare, please visit and we will keep you posted on anything else that is happening.

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