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Managing and Treating Asthma

Our goal is for our patients to be symptom-free. This starts with proper education and training. Learning about asthma triggers and complying with the therapy plan outlined by your physician is essential. It is critical for caregivers and family members to participate in Paragon’s 'Asthma Treatment Program' to provide a safe and healthy environment for those impacted by this condition.

Talk to your healthcare team directly to learn more.

Asthma is a Lifelong Disease

It causes wheezing, breathlessness, chest tightness, and coughing. It can limit a person’s quality of life and in some circumstances cause death.

Asthma Can Impact Anyone

Asthma impacts people worldwide of all ages, races, and ethnicities. With proper treatment and care though, the symptoms can be managed. 

Asthma is a Concern for Children

Asthma can be most detrimental to young children living below the poverty level. It is important for anyone with breathing difficulty to receive proper care.

Asthma is Set Off by "Triggers"

Asthma triggers may include multiple different environmental factors such as allergies (pets), pollen, mold, cigarette smoke, and poor air quality.

Asthma is an Inability to Properly Breathe

An asthma reaction is the bronchi (airways) spasms and constriction (tightening) while an increase of secretion (fluid) production occurs in the lungs.

Asthma Impacts Millions of People

Over 18 million adults and 7 million children (younger than 18 years of age) suffer from Asthma worldwide.

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