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Positivity, Health, and Wellness

January 6, 2021 | Paragon Healthcare
We’re here to help our patients overcome the obstacles they face. Read the full article to learn some helpful tips about positivity, health, and wellness.
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Having a rare disease has a significant impact on your whole life. It is common for those with rare or chronic disease states to experience depression, anxiety, stress, and separation from friends and family. It can be hard for others to understand what it is like to live with a chronic condition. You are not alone! Our team here at Paragon has a heart to provide our patients with more than just healthcare. We’re here to be your family and support system whenever your condition throws you a curveball.


At Paragon, we provide injectable and infusible medications to patients that can be administered at an infusion center or in the home setting. We treat a wide range of conditions that fall under dermatology, cardiology, gastroenterology, immunology, hepatology, rheumatology, neurology, urology, bleeding disorders, and more.


We are committed to serving our patients and maximizing their quality of life through more than just healthcare. Living with a chronic condition can cause unique challenges for each person. Still, we’re here to help our patients overcome the obstacles they face. We encourage our patients to set goals for themselves, both big and small, and work each day towards achieving them. Some goals that you could set for yourself could include increasing positive thinking and living a balanced life.


Here are some tips on how to feel more positive:


Build your support system. Coping with your condition on your own is tiring. But building a support system gives you people to turn to when things get tough. Your team could include family, friends, coworkers, and healthcare providers like Paragon. You could also seek out other people who have your illness – sharing your experiences can help you feel supported. Many rare diseases have an online group or patient organization for people with the same condition.


Exercise. Physical activity is good for you and can make you feel good about yourself, too. Find activities that work for you, depending on your energy level and your doctor’s approval: from a short walk or bike ride to yoga, swimming, or even some team sports. Too much? Just stepping outdoors and enjoying the fresh air might give you a big boost.


Eat healthily and get enough sleep. Diet and rest both affect your physical and mental health. Promote wellness in your body by eating well-balanced meals that meet your nutrition needs and getting quality sleep each night. If you have trouble sleeping, talk to your doctor about potential supplements to aid you in your bedtime routine.


Relax. Meditation, yoga, or deep breathing could help change your perspective. If you’re not sure how to start, look for info, or an app for your smartphone. If you’d rather join an in-person group instead, local hospitals sometimes have “mindfulness” meetings; these groups often include meditation and other relaxation programs.


Get crafty. Express yourself through arts and crafts, music, gardening, writing, dancing, singing, or acting. Finding a hobby that can allow you to be yourself while also developing new skills can help keep your mind focused. This can help connect you with a deeper part of yourself.


Reduce complaining. Negative thoughts and comments about your situation can perpetuate feelings of sadness and frustration. Focus on the highlights of your day, even if they are small. Speaking positive and optimistic statements about your body and health can also help keep you in better spirits.


We’ve been serving patients and physicians for over fifteen years through infusion therapy services and rare disease care. Our heart is to see each of our patients get back to the life they love by adequately managing their symptoms and condition. Learn more about the services that we offer at Paragon Healthcare and if we can meet your needs as a specialty pharmacy and infusion services provider.


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