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Hemo Quality Of Life

Hemophilia Quality of Life

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I’m here with Seth Price. So Seth I hear that there’s this new thing that y’all have been working on for a little bit called The Quality of Life Program. Can you speak on what is that and what that is about?

Quality of life, I love this program, you know quality of life what is quality of life. Do you feel like you’re hitting every marker in it, do you like when you wake up in the morning you’re going “Today is going to be a good day.”, Do you go through the day, 6 o’clock rolls around driving home and you went “Yep, today was a good day.”, or are you sitting back going “Man, I just wish there was more to it.” I think it is really important that we start asking that question more often than not. I don’t think we are asking it enough in my opinion. I think we have been missing it for so many years. You know, I’ve been working in this field going on 16 years. This is just something that people keep on missing. There has got to more to this. There has got to be more than what we are doing. We got to be able to change patients’ lives. We got be able to step in and say on a scale from one to ten, do you feel like you’re living, do you feel like there is more to it? And that is what this program is all about. It is about making sure when you’re waking up in the morning, you’re making sure that you are going through your day, you are hitting every single goal that you want. Because in life you got to have short term and you got to have long term goals. You always got to have win. If you’re setting those short term goals it is easier to find those wins. Quality of life program allows you to have that. It allows you to fill those wins on an everyday basis, Making sure that you can live. Chris Bombardier literally climbed mountains in his early 30s with hemophilia. There are no limitations for this and for your quality of life there can’t be any limitations on that. To be able to live day in and day out. You know that no matter what there is something more at the end of the road. And you know that. I am kind of being vague about what this is but that is what we are measuring right now. We are measuring what is a good quality of life. And of course as we kind of get more into 2020 we will be rolling this program out so I don’t want to give away too much but I will tell you that, that is kind of what we have been working on for going on almost a year now. As we kind of get a little further into the year we will be able to give a little more detail, but for the moment it is mostly about that you’re living life to the fullest. That you feel like nothing is hindering you.

Can you give me any idea on what the public will see from that?

Our target date to start rolling information out is probably looking around April of 2020. Ideally where we would like to see ourselves start being able to roll these details out so that way the public can actually start seeing what it is that we are talking about. You know life check. That would be really fun. But yeah man April is ideally where we are at.

Fantastic, we are really excited to see how all the pieces come together. Where can we find more information? Where should we be watching? What should we be looking at as we move through 2020?

Yeah absolutely, so I would say you’re going to see the hemophilia team at the 100+ events that we are doing this year. Sometime right around HFA, which is in March and beyond that probably into April. I would say start looking at our booth Whenever we are at our events because I would say that we are going to be at so many events nationwide that’s going to be from the North East all the way to the Pacific Northwest all the way down to the South and Mid-West we will literally be at every booth that we can be around the country. I would say that is probably a good way to find any kind of update. Social media, Facebook, Instagram nowhere you can’t find us but I will tell you just keep your eyes out on those updates coming through on social media, probably the fastest way.

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