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Home Infusion FAQs

• Place all used needles into the sharps container. Only fill to FILL LINE. When full, close/ seal per instructions. Call Paragon for a new sharps container. Check within your local community on how to dispose of properly. You can also ask your home health nurse to help you to dispose of your needle box or Paragon will pick it up from you during your next delivery.
• Until you get a new sharps container delivered to you, you can put your syringes into a strong plastic or metal container with a tight lid. Examples of containers to use include a plastic bleach, detergent or milk jug, or a coffee can. Blood glucose monitoring lancets may also be placed in this container or a sharps container. When you receive your new sharps container OR the home container gets full, tightly secure the lid and reinforce it with heavy-duty tape before throwing it in the trash.

**Do NOT put used needles in the recycle bin**

If you have any leftover formula or feeding supplies, you can contact the Oley Foundation.

This foundation helps patients coordinate leftover supplies with those in need. 800-776-OLEY (6539)

• Paragon is not allowed to take medicine back from patients once it has been dispensed.
• We recommend the following options:
Ask your Home Health nurse if you can donate your leftover supplies to their agency.
Ask your local Vet or animal shelter if they can use any meds or supplies you have leftover
Ask your local church if they can use any medications or supplies for a mission trip.
Whenever possible, take your unused medications to a local pharmacy collection program or your local town’s hazardous waste collection event
You should not pour unused liquid medications down the sink.

• This may vary with different types of medicine. As a general rule you should:
• Do not store your IV line flushes in the fridge. Keep at room temperature.

Some medicines we use that do not have to be refrigerated are: fluids for hydration and “flushes” for your IV line (Normal Saline and Heparin syringes).

Some medicines we use that do not have to be refrigerated are: fluids for hydration and “flushes” for your IV line (Normal Saline and Heparin syringes).

Please call the pharmacy right away. If this is a dose of medicine we will want to ship you a replacement as soon as possible so you don’t miss any doses.

• Upon arrival, you should unpack your box. Compare your list to items in the box.
• If you think you may be missing an item, please call the pharmacy.

Please send us an email including the medication you need. We strive to incorporate new and medically advanced therapies in our IV centers and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

• Once you start your home IV infusion please call:
• Contacting team members you met in the hospital may delay the response to your care.

• View the Gemstar Pump Guide
• Please call Paragon. Paragon has staff on call 24 hrs/day.
• A pharmacy technician will walk you through step by step and help you get your pump programmed or restarted.

Please bring your insurance cards, medical information, and a current medication list as we might need to update your information. Our office cannot provide meals for our patients, so please bring any food you might need during your appointment. Please also feel free to bring a book or laptop. If you are running late or need to cancel, please call to notify us of the change; failure to do so may delay your treatment.

Talk to your doctor and ask if your IV care could be provided at one of our many Infusion Centers. Call or email us and one of our representatives will work with you and your physician (or case manager) to coordinate your IV care.

Talk to your doctor and ask if your IV care could be provided at one of our many Infusion Centers. Call or email us and one of our representatives will work with you and your physician (or case manager) to coordinate your IV care.

Check out our resources page or ask a nurse at your next appointment.

We work with many cash pay patients to insure they receive the highest quality of care while controlling their costs. We offer a cash pay discount for those patients without insurance and will also assist any patient in finding a means to financially support their treatment if available through drug manufacturers or other foundations. Please contact the nurse at your location for more information.

We work with Medicare and most private insurance companies. For specific information on your plan please contact a nurse at your location.

Reimbursement for infusion services varies depending on a Patient’s type of insurance coverage or plan benefits. Most therapies will be covered by Medicare and/or Insurance plans and may require a co-pay or payment toward a deductible/ coinsurance due at the time of treatment.

If you have received a letter from your insurance company it is most likely an EOB or Explanation of Benefits. This is not a bill, but it is a description of the coverage your insurance provided for your IV treatment and will detail the amount that is your responsibility for these services. If you received a bill from the infusion center, it is for the remaining balance of your therapy. Sometimes insurance or Medicare will not cover the full-cost, but only a percentage of the treatment. If you think you might have difficulty with your bill, we want to help. Please contact our billing department to find out if you qualify for any patient assistance programs provided through the drug manufacturers or other foundations.

Call your local center during normal business hours and ask for the billing department.

Infusion therapy is the introduction of a solution to the body through a vein for therapeutic purposes.


Paragon Healthcare Home Infusion Therapy lets patients receive treatment form the comfort of their own home.
We make it simple to receive the IV medication you need in the comfort of your own home. Sit back, relax, and let us do the rest.
Paragon Healthcare Infusion Centers offer specialized treatment from professionals that put patients first.
We make it easy to receive the physician-directed infusion care you need through our flexible-schedule clinics open 365 days a year.
Paragon Healthcare offers Hemophilia treatments, overnight shipping and 24/7 support.
We create customized care plans that fit each patient’s needs in order to help relieve the complexity of living with a bleeding disorder.
Paragon Healthcare Specialty Pharmacy offers highly targeted, patient-focused treatments for a number of conditions.
We are committed to providing patients with a rare disease with creative care solutions, life-changing treatments, and therapies.


People are at the center of everything we do. Our founders started off with the belief that people deserve more than just medical care. They deserve care in their everyday life too. As a company, this drives our patient care, employee relations, and day-to-day interactions. Paragon is more than just healthcare, it’s home.

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