Therapies and Services

Paragon Healthcare offers comprehensive, state-of-the-art pharmaceutical services to patients with chronic health conditions and those in need of post-acute care. As a specialty infusion provider, our team of medical professionals ensures that each patient receives the prescribed medications in the right dosage and frequency, reducing adverse interactions or side effects. We make certain that our patients fully understand what to expect from their therapy and monitor ongoing treatment to maintain accuracy and consistency.

To make therapy more cost-effective and affordable, Paragon reimbursement specialists coordinate insurance benefits, advise patients about financial assistance and flexible payment options, and serve as an advocate to maximize coverage and benefits. Expertise and personal, compassionate service has earned Paragon Healthcare a position of leadership in the pharmaceutical field.

Along with providing the latest, safest and most effective pharmaceutical therapies available today, the men and women who make up the Paragon team understand your needs and concerns and are here to walk you through them, one on one, one patient at a time.